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  • Politics 2020-04-12T01:41:49Z
    donald trump donald trump

    Trump learned of a memo in January warning 'half a million American souls' could die of coronavirus, and he was displeased his adviser put it in writing

    President Donald Trump was reportedly told as early as January about his adviser's memo warning of mass death in the US from a coronavirus outbreak.
    BI Prime Markets 2020-04-11T22:55:00Z
    trader screen volatility trader screen volatility

    CREDIT SUISSE: Buy these 11 stocks ideally positioned to take advantage of a rebound after the coronavirus market meltdown

    "The viral and macro path are key here," Susan Katzke, a managing director at Credit Suisse, said in reference to the company's latest stock picks.
    Politics 2020-04-12T02:51:47Z
    spain doctors coronavirus spain doctors coronavirus

    Spain's government is issuing back-to-work guidelines after its coronavirus death rate slowed

    Spain is loosening its lockdown restrictions after the country reported its lowest one-day increase in deaths from the coronavirus since March 23.
    News 2020-04-11T21:27:57Z
    easter food blessing
    biden wins alaska ig

    Joe Biden wins Alaska's all-mail, ranked-choice Democratic primary

    Alaska and Wyoming are holding their presidential primaries entirely by mail over several days to protect voters during the coronavirus outbreak.
    Science 2020-04-11T12:12:00Z
    Coronavirus antibody studies abound

    Coronavirus immunity: 8% of recovered patients in one study didn't develop antibodies at all

    A new study found that the levels of antibodies that recovered coronavirus patients develop differ by age — and that some patients don't develop any.
    Politics 2020-04-11T19:33:13Z

    Trump reportedly said he would reject a bailout package if it included aid to keep the US Postal Service functioning

    USPS has asked Congress for a $50 billion bailout and $25 billion in loans from the Treasury Department to make up for losses.
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    Politics 2020-04-12T08:16:19Z

    'I owe them my life': Boris Johnson thanks NHS staff after spending week in hospital with coronavirus

    "I can't thank them enough," the British prime minister said in a statement.
    Science 2020-04-12T02:59:00Z

    LIVE UPDATES: Trump learned of a memo in January warning 'half a million American souls' could die, Cuomo says New York coronavirus hospitalizations have hit an apex

    Here's the latest news about the coronavirus pandemic outbreak around the world and COVID-19, the disease it causes.
    Media 2020-04-12T02:01:00Z

    INFLUENCER MARKETING 2019: Why brands can't get enough of an $8 billion ecosystem driven by Kardashians, moms, and tweens

    Business Insider Intelligence explores how influencer marketing is maturing, and how brands can effectively navigate a changing and expanding market.
    Finance 2020-04-12T00:02:00Z

    These are the hottest fintech startups and companies in the world

    Business Insider Intelligence has put together the following list of 10 Up and Coming Fintechs for 2019.
    Media 2020-04-11T22:01:00Z

    THE ESPORTS ECOSYSTEM: The key players and trends driving the red-hot, fast-growing esports space that's on track to surpass $1.5 billion by 2023

    Business Insider Intelligence provides a comprehensive breakdown?of the key players involved in the fast-growing esports space.
    News 2020-04-11T21:19:19Z

    The White House has invoked the Defense Production Act to produce over 39 million N95 masks over the next 90 days

    The project will cost $133 million and will create "over 39 million" masks within the next 90 days. Medical workers have reported short supplies.
    Tech 2020-04-11T21:03:00Z

    AI 101: How learning computers are becoming smarter

    In a new 2018 report, ?BI Intelligence,?Business Insider's premium research service, describes how AI works and looks at its present and potential future applications.
    BI Prime Markets 2020-04-11T20:06:00Z

    'Don't be stupid right now': The legendary author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' breaks down why a coronavirus-led depression is inevitable — and shares the 3 investments he's making to stay safe

    "Obviously, we're going for a depression," said Robert Kiyosaki, the author of one of history's best-selling personal finance books.
    Transportation 2020-04-11T20:04:04Z

    Stick-shifts are vanishing from cars, but I still have some favorites — here they are, ranked

    Stick-shifts are disappearing from the automotive landscape. But one can still option a manual on some performance cars and pickup trucks.
    Science 2020-04-11T20:03:00Z

    THE DIGITAL THERAPEUTICS EXPLAINER: How digital treatments could be a $9 billion opportunity by 2025

    Business Insider Intelligence explores the drivers lighting a fire under the DTx market and unpacks the ways vendors reach their intended audiences.
    Transportation 2020-04-11T08:32:00Z

    As the coronavirus ravages airlines, Europe's ultra-cheap budget flights could disappear

    Low-cost airlines may end up having to choose between low prices to entice customers or higher fares if rivals collapse and demand falls.

    We need a backup plan to ensure all Americans can vote in November's presidential election. Our democracy could depend on it.

    Expanding vote-by-mail during the coronavirus pandemic isn't partisan, it's necessary for our democracy.
    Transportation 2020-04-11T15:27:00Z
    Science 2020-04-11T19:35:00Z

    Here's what it's like to receive a life-saving heart transplant in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

    Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are still working to provide life-saving medical care unrelated to the novel coronavirus.
    Celebrity 2020-04-11T17:36:03Z

    Mariah Carey shared a photo of a 'surprise cake' she made, and her fans are confused by its decorations — and her kitchen setup

    Mariah Carey baked a cake and her Twitter followers were confused but entertained by the singer's quarantine activity.
    BI Prime Transportation 2020-04-10T19:33:12Z

    Boeing is scrambling to decide whether to take government bailout aid or go its own way to save cash, which could include mass layoffs

    Boeing is exploring workforce reductions such as layoffs, as well as raising cash from other sources, as it debates the equity terms of the bailout.
    BI Prime Retail 2020-04-11T19:27:00Z
    Retail 2020-04-11T19:01:00Z

    Take a look at what technologies retailers are introducing to revamp the in-store experience

    Brick-and-mortar retailers are introducing new technologies to revamp the in-store experience. Get a preview in our FREE Future of Retail slide deck.
    Finance 2020-04-11T18:01:00Z

    THE PAYMENTS ECOSYSTEM: The biggest shifts and trends driving short- and long-term growth and shaping the future of the industry

    In this report, Business Insider Intelligence examines the payments ecosystem today, its growth drivers, and where?the industry is headed.
    Science 2020-04-11T17:26:45Z

    US surpasses Italy's coronavirus death toll

    The US has the highest confirmed death toll from the coronavirus, surpassing Italy on Saturday.
    News 2020-04-11T17:05:29Z

    WHO investigates reports of recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again

    South Korea reported that 91 recovered coronavirus patients tested positive for the virus, raising concerns about the virus "reactivating."
    Science 2020-04-11T16:51:00Z

    A doctor shares the right way to take off gloves amid the coronavirus

    Here's a guide on how to use gloves correctly amid the coronavirus. The WHO and CDC say gloves should mainly be used by healthcare workers.
    Tech 2020-04-11T16:27:00Z

    30 Big Tech Predictions for 2020

    A list of?30 Big Tech Predictions for 2020?across Banking, Connectivity & Tech, Digital Media, Payments & Commerce, Fintech, and Digital Health.
    Retail 2020-04-11T16:21:59Z

    Instacart customers are baiting workers by enticing them with hefty tips and then removing the money once an order is complete

    Instacart workers had asked for tip protections during a strike for increased protections and hazard pay in late March.
    Markets 2020-04-11T16:04:00Z

    An unusual financial-crisis-era tactic designed to avoid layoffs is reemerging as coronavirus freezes the economy. Here's why it could make a recovery take a lot longer.

    "Revenues are plummeting in ways never predicted," said Julia Pollak of ZipRecruiter. Companies "are using all of the tools at their disposal."
    News 2020-04-11T15:48:58Z

    Kentucky is requiring 14 days quarantine for Easter mass attendees who do not stay home from church

    State police will record the license plates of any cars seen at gatherings and then notify those car-owners of the two-week rule.
    Strategy 2020-04-10T19:11:00Z

    Take a photo tour of all the ways being a flight attendant has changed in the last 50 years

    From the feminist movement to 9/11 to the novel coronavirus, the last 50 years drastically changed the role of flight attendants.
    Transportation 2020-04-10T20:48:20Z

    I drove a $141,000 Porsche 911 4S and a $224,000 911 Turbo S — and my favorite model might surprise you

    The Turbo S is the most powerful 911 in Porsche's history, while the 4S is a spectacularly stable performance machine.
    Culture 2020-04-10T15:31:47Z

    This selfie hack can help you beat facial-feature distortion from front-facing cameras, according to beauty gurus

    Makeup artist Snitchery posted a video illustrating the differences in her two selfies, and beauty YouTuber James Charles tweeted his side-by-side.
    Strategy 2020-04-10T14:00:00Z

    I quit my job, sold my house, and had just started traveling the world when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Here's how I'm rebuilding my life under quarantine.

    "If you're daydreaming about ditching it all to travel, there's a chance it won't work out," writes Cheryl Rodewig.
    Culture 2020-04-10T14:28:06Z

    Prosecutors released 'rowing photos' that appear to show Lori Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade, posing as an athlete for college applications

    Rick Singer, the accused ringleader of the college admissions scandal, appeared to instruct the family to stage photos on rowing machines.
    News 2020-04-11T15:21:19Z

    10,000 families showed up at a Texas food bank as US unemployment rate saw historic rise

    Aerial photos showed a packed parking lot as around 10,000 households showed up to receive free food at a San Antonio flea market.
    Personal Finance 2020-04-11T15:15:00Z

    Here's how much money you could get from unemployment benefits in every state

    Unemployment benefits are determined by state, but the federal government is adding $600 per week to benefits until July 31.
    Tech 2020-04-11T15:07:00Z

    COOLEST JOBS IN TECH: Google's accessibility chief shares her advice for young techies, what it means to be an 'integrator,' and her favorite Google features

    When Eve Andersson joined Google in 2007, the accessibility movement was a "grassroots effort."?Now, she oversees accessibility across all of Google.
    BI Prime Finance 2020-04-11T14:24:00Z

    Leaked Knotel financials show the WeWork competitor struggled to hit sales targets well?before the coronavirus hit

    Knotel's flex-space business has been hit by the coronavirus, which has left tenants unable to occupy workspaces and prompted many to cease payments.
    Opinion 2020-04-11T14:24:00Z

    How the US should end the coronavirus lockdowns

    The only reason to keep everyone in lockdown would be if we believe that a vaccine is around the corner. But that is not the case.
    Tech 2020-04-11T14:22:00Z

    How to play the best educational game classics of all time, from 'The Oregon Trail' to 'Number Munchers'

    There has never been a batter time to pack up your virtual wagon and head out on "The Oregon Trail." Here's how!
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